"I really appreciate James Bryant's translations because, in addition to linguistic precision, he really captures the tone of our community."
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora, Hochschule Offenbrug / Hahn-Schickard / chairman der embedded world Conference.

"With James Bryant, I always have my good English coach at my side: whether it’s translating press releases, revising websites or polishing my speeches to be given in front of international audiences, training included. And the fun of it all is always there with James."
Dr. Holger Bengs, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der BCNP Consultants GmbH und Initiator des European Chemistry Partnering Events

"James was editor-in-chief of our magazine Engine, English for Engineers. Engine underwent a content upgrade thanks to him. In addition to technical articles from a wide range of industry segments, thanks to James' extensive contacts, the content covered historical as well as current affairs. Our readers gave us a lot of very positive feedback. We are very happy to work with James."
Peter Eberhard, Verlagsleiter / Prokurist, WEKA BUSINESS MEDIEN GmbH

“Doing business successfully in a country, where one does not speak the language fluently, relies on a combination of great understanding, not just in terms of words, but also having an appreciation of the context and the country culture. Therefore, with an Englishman embedded in Germany, as Jim Bryant is, we gain a fast track to success. provides a rare combination of translation skills together with deep understanding of the local culture which always needs to be considered. In this sense Copy-write is far more than a translation bureau.”
David Lingham, Strategic Advisor, Fix Network World

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